When Women Stopped Coding

Mark Zuckerberg. Bill Gates. Steve Jobs. Most of the big names in technology are men.

But a lot of computing pioneers, the ones who programmed the first digital computers, were women. And for decades, the number of women in computer science was growing.

But in 1984, something changed. The number of women in computer science flattened, and then plunged.

Today on the show, what was going on in 1984 that made so many women give up on computer science? http://n.pr/1FqZOyo

How Texts Change After Marriage

For her 6 year anniversary, Alice Zhao decided to analyze the text messages from her relationship with her husband. Turns out there are some remarkable differences between how she texted her partner before marriage and after marriage. 

I normally hate word clouds, but I’m fine with this one.




Despite being a sample of one, it’s still fun to see. It definitely would be interesting to do with a statistically representative sample (but considering how private this stuff is, that’s very unlikely).

Check out the full post here: http://adashofdata.com/

The Most Common Jobs For The Rich, Middle Class, And Poor

We’ve written a lot about how income has changed (or not) for the rich, middle class and poor in the U.S. We’ve written much less about what the rich, middle class and poor actually do for work.


Some thoughts: 

  • Most common middle class jobs are: Teachers, Secretaries, and Truck Drivers. 


  • Most common 1% jobs are: Doctors, Managers, and Chief Executives.


  • Most common jobs at the bottom 10%: Cooks, Cashiers, and Nursing Aides. 


Check out the interactive here: http://n.pr/Zwzpy2

How College Students Battled College Textbook Publishers To A Draw, In 3 Graphs

1. Prices of textbooks have been rising….

…but students aren’t really spending any more money on books.

2. That’s because they’re buying other types of books instead: used, rentals, and ebooks.

Textbook publishers aren’t making as much money in the 2nd and 3rd year of a book’s lifetime, so instead they need to make all their profits within the 1st year of a new edition. This means that they need to jack up the list price of new books.

To hear publishers and authors tell their side of the story, check out our show.

Pew released an interesting interactive on the marriage market for men and women.

What city has the greatest number of employed men per woman?  Clarksville, TN-KY where there are 145 employed men for 100 women.

What city has the greatest number of employed women per man? Lewiston-Auburn, ME where there are 99 employed women for 100 men.

A One Sided Debate…

Should Uber and Lyft be allowed do business as freely as regular cabs?

"Yes. Yes. A thousand times yes." — Austan Goolsbee


A poll of leading economists basically agree: most people would be happier if Uber and Lyft were allowed to drive around freely as cabs without any restrictions on how much they can charge and where they can go.